Web Design & Development

Learn how to design and develop stunning world class websites

About The Course

This course teaches students how to build standards-compliant websites from the ground up with industry standard editors and popular web frameworks, it includes a tour of the user interface and guidance on creating new pages, setting up a logical structure for contents, and generating clear and accessible code. In this course, we do not assume that participants have prior knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript or PHP. We take you from ground zero to advance.

It teaches students how to speed up the development of professional websites, how to incorporate images, tables and other UI elements, as well as rapidly customize the look and feel of website.
The final topics explores site management techniques, including adding remote servers, overseeing multiple sites, and validating pages. This course prepares the students for the web applications development programme which takes student through actual software development processes to build web software application and robust systems.

It is a plus if students have prior understanding of basic syntax of HTML & CSS in Web Design Fundamental before taking this course and it is also ideal for anyone who doesn’t know coding.

Understanding and coding with HTML5 & CSS3

Set up a website environment

Understanding the purpose of your website


Modern website layout (one page and multi-page)

Information and content architecture

Menus and navigation

Using sections, Divs to identify various section of the page.

Understanding responsive web design 

Creating Slideshows

User experience vs User interface

Image and web icons management

Stock photos and image sizing

Advance formatting using HTML tags

Building web forms

PHP - Setting up a local host for the server-side script

Get started with MySQL

Creating a web application

CRUD operations

Setting up a hosting account, Cpanel Management & File management

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Sessions: Weekdays & Weekends

Learning Path: Deep Dive

Modes: Offered In-Classroom and Online

Price: ₦59,999

Offline Venue: Impart Valley

Learning Pace: 6 Weeks

Required Tools:

A Working Laptop (Windows, Linux or Mac OS Installed)

* Project and Certification included

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