Microsoft Office

Get the equired skills for working with business document and files.

About The Course

Get the primary business skills of document creation, management and manipulation with our Microsoft Office suite. With a focus on the three major instruments used in our daily business activities (Ms Word, Ms Excel and Ms Powerpoint), we equip you with document creation & formatting skills, basic database and accounting skills, presentation skills.

Working with Text, Tables, and Formatting Options

Working with Pictures, Shapes, Objects, Charts, and SmartArt

Transitions, Animations, Hyperlinks, and Actions

Working with Video and Audio in PowerPoint 2016

Setting up and Running a SlideShow

Work comfortably with PowerPoint and many of its advanced features

Become one of the top PowerPoint users in your team

Carrying out regular tasks faster than ever

Create sophisticated and well-organized PowerPoint presentations

Defining Excel

Defining Spreadsheet

Workbooks, worksheets, cells, & formula bar

Understanding The Menus

How Excel Handles What You Type

Data in Excel

How Are Charts Made

Sorting and Filtering for Report Making

In-built Functions Usage


Document types and choosing the right extensions

Importing older versions and working with newer versions.

Document formatting and design

PDF creation and publishing

Email construction and attachment

Printing and layout sizingt

Watermarking and document protection

Sessions: Weekdays & Weekends

Learning Path: Deep Dive

Modes: Offered In-Classroom and Online

Price: ₦39,999

Offline Venue: Impart Valley

Learning Pace: 4 Weeks

Required Tools:

A Working Laptop (Windows, Linux or Mac OS Installed)

* Project and Certification included

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