Graphics Design

Welcome to the amazing world of creativies. Get your skill up as a graphics designer.

About The Course

Intending student for this course must have fundamental skill of the working of Microsoft or Mac or any of the Linux GUI operating systems. Must be able to navigate around the computer. Any intending student who is deficient in this area should take a computer literacy course before registering for this course.

Graphic designers work with images as well as text in order to design and create visually appealing elements, including brochures, logos, advertisements and websites. In order to create these items, graphic designers will often work with a variety of different types of images, including photographs, paintings, and digital media.
This course Graphic Design, is divided to fundamental(which takes you from beginner to an intermediate level) and advance course. Fundamental courses is designed for complete beginners and lay a solid foundation in graphic design, illustration and publishing. The fundamental course also prepares the students for Adobe Certified Associate in exams. 

This Advance module is targeted to professional who had sound fundamental skill in the related software and tools, it targets specific professional areas and treats each topic in-depth beyond the essentials. The advance course exposes the graphic design to creativity and abstract designs, students of the advance class master the art and apply best practices and methods in producing visuals.

- Welcome to the amazing world of Graphic Design!

- What is graphic design?

- Getting familiar with the essential tools.

- Learning Photo Editing

- Learning manipulation techniques

- Layout Theory; layout & design

- Small Design Details Matter In Design: Texture, Drop Shadows, Layering and Light

- Introduction to vector graphics & designprinciples

- In-depth teaching on design principles

- Editing Shapes

- Working with text- typography & illustrator text tools.

- Creating Logos ; and logo variations.

- Branding packages for potential clients.

- Focusing on shapes, colors(Choosing your colorpalettes) and graphics.

- Type categories, layers & artboards, brushes &patterns.

- Layout design for digital and print graphics.

- Package design process.

- Stationary design:
Letterheads and businesscard designs.

- Design a Magazine Ad.

- Design an Online Ad

Create a custom cover and full width portfolio image.

Sessions: Weekdays & Weekends

Learning Path: Basic / Advance

Modes: Offered In-Classroom and Online

Price: ₦49,999

Offline Venue: Impart Valley

Learning Pace: 6 Weeks

Required Tools:

A Working Laptop (Windows, Linux or Mac OS Installed)

* Project and Certification included

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