Here is a few answers to our most common questions.

We know you have questions about our program, that's why we're answering a few of them here straight away! If you'd like to meet us in person to know more about what we do, please call us on 07036980011 or email support@tenstutors.ng

A resounding yes! We have programmes tailored just for you to kick start your tech career or sharpen your entrepreneurial skills. You just need a burning desire and to learn and collaborate with us all the way. We also build your motivation and enthusiasm.

Age isn't a barrier for learning at our TENS. As long as you have no permanent or severe disabilities. Kindly enrol.

This is not a problem at all, we assure you that even before the end of your programme, several ideas will begin to pop up. That is the "Impart Valley" effect. You can team up with colleagues who have projects to work on or you can talk to one of our tutors, they will be willing to assist.

Yes, it is strongly recommended for every student to have a laptop because, it is better to have your lecture materials and project files all on your personal computer. Any of the following operating systems would be fine- Windows Os, Mac OS, Linux OS (preferably Ubuntu). If you further need directions on what kind of systems to purchase, you can contact our staff on support@tenstutors.com or call +234 (0) 703-698-0011

No. we offer full time immersive and accelerated courses both on weekdays(online and offline) and weekend(online and offline). The times for our offline courses are fixed, however, their is flexibility in the timing for the online modules.

Impart Valley or TENS Impart Valley is the dedicated educational training centre of TENS: The Entrepreneurs School. That name applies to all our educational hubs worldwide (we hope to expand to other countries).

No we do not provide accommodations of any sort. The total fees for a course only covers your tuition and other added fees in form of souvenirs etc.

The ability of the students to become hireable after a programme depends on the skills that they have gathered during the duration of their course. We constantly put in words for our students at hiring organisations.
All our programmes have a mentorship period, where we help evaluate, advice and support students on areas where they are lagging behind, to enable them build that rewarding business or career.

  You can stay tuned to our social media platforms as we would keep you informed there. You can also contact us directly via phone or the contact form so we can send you any update that we think you should know about.

At TENS, we also create new sessions on a one-on-one basis for students who enrolled at later dates.

  We provide a series of IT solution service ranging from digital consultancy to web & mobile application developement. Kindly send a mail to hello@tenstutors.com

All courses taught at TENS have a mentorship module embedded in them, however, we do not have incubator programmes at the moment.

Yes. We are always open for collaborations on projects. We also have reputable tech partners we collaborate with for success.

For now there aren't any. However, we are looking at collaborating with partners for future sponsorships.

Yes you can apply right away. With the introduction of the 6-3-3-4 system of education in Nigeria, we have carved out special sessions for students under the ages of 16.

The fees for each course can be found on the web page of that programme of interest. Please note that prices of course vary from programme to programme.

Yes, The Entrepreneurs School offers a certificate of completion for each course or Master class you take with us.

Good news, we offer our programmes virtually as well, through online video conferencing and also distribute lecture resources via cloud platforms on the internet.

All our programmes are prepaid via bank transfer to designated bank account(s), however, we accept payments in two instalments. 75% as a deposit before the start of the programme and the remaining 25% during the programme.

There are two methods for applying at TENS:

The first method is visiting any of our Impart Valley locations and pickup a course interest form, file in and we would contact you via email only with the course details and invoice which is due for payment right away.

The second method is filling the online course interest form signifying your interest in the studying at TENS, letting us know which of the course(s) you are interested in. When this is done, we would send you an email message containing details of the programme, the courses you registered for and a invoice containing the procedure for payment.

These are the only official contact channels of TENS:

IG: instagram.com/tenstutors | fb.com/tenstutors
Facebook: @tenstutors | instagram.com/tenstutors
Email: tenstutors@gmail.com | hello@tenstutors.com | support@tenstutors.com

Website: www.tenstutors.com
P: +234 (0) 703-698-0011 | +234 (0) 812-323-6419

Address: Suite B6B, God is Able Plaza, 24 Road,
Festac town, Lagos

"Schooling doesn't assure employmentbut skill does."

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