Who We Are

We are The Entrepreneurs School (TENS), our job is to provide professional knowledge on digital skillsets, that can enable individuals to become an asset to any society they find themselves. We do this by training and mentoring them professionally and practically in the knowledge and business aspect of whatever skill they seek to acquire. The world has gone digital and technology is the future, therefore, the only way to excel in such a world is to understand how it works and get ahead of it. Anyone who is old enough to read and write is welcome to enrol for any of our programmes, so they can Up their skill, and Up their career.

We are TENS

The Entrepreneurs School

About TENS
About TENS

The Entrepreneurs School (TENS) provides training in HIGH-INCOME skillsets, relevant digital skills training and certification in preparation for a variety of High income career paths. Our training yields a 4:1 benefit-to-cost ratio relative to predicted increases in business productivity and job performance.

We ensure that you are fully prepared to launch into an in demand career with High income skills at your pace and on your schedule choosing through our Instructor-led training and mentoring (virtually or physically at the TENS Hub). We call it a human and life upgrade—more capable, productive, valuable versions of yourself that will help you thrive in a rapidly evolving world.

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Mission and Vision Statements


To equip the society with individuals, who are self sufficient and financially secure with quality skill sets that keep them at the top of their careers.


To effectively impart topnotch skills, with up-to-date methods, mediums and channels, through constant training and mentoring.

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Vision and Mission
Aims & Objectives

Providing high impart training programmes for individuals in the society, enabling them to stay relevant in any sphere of engagement they find themselves. With our extensive experience and expertise in the areas of; Foreign exchange market, Web & mobile technology, Database Management, Information Systems, Network and Information Security, User interface and creative designs, Innovation and deployment of ICT projects in conjunction with our technology partners.

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Why study at TENS?

We ensure that you are fully prepared to launch into an in-demand career with High-income skills at your own pace and schedule, choosing through our instructor-led training and mentoring.

Our Programmes are structured to give you the much needed skill and potentials to kickstart or enhance that entrepreneurial journey or rewarding career. We have empowered and instrumental in creating the finest entrepreneur, product managers, developers, designers etc. Join TENS today! Up your Skill…Up your career.

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"An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest."

Benjamin Franklin Theoretical physicist